3 Reasons To Develop A Blog For Your Business

The blog, without being THE magic solution – because it requires some thought, creativity, and investment on your part -, is certainly one of the important elements to consider in order to develop effective and relevant communication with your customers, partners, and even with your employees. In the age of social media, more than ever, the corporate blog is becoming a primordial and central element in order to establish a successful web strategy. Here is an overview of the blog and its many advantages for the development of your business.

Generate Traffic On Your Website

First off, if you’ve developed a social media presence, you probably have a question that keeps popping up in your head: but what am I going to post today? Rest assured, this is the case for several companies. Indeed, you can always “share” articles in the media, but in the end, what do you gain from this tactic? It is a publication, yes, but does it generate a visit to your website, a new mandate? Does it inspire action to commit to your publication, your business? Unlikely.

Investing in the creation of authentic content in order to generate traffic on your website and, by the same token, demonstrate your expertise in your field, this is the idea behind the creation of a blog! Not only will this blog (and its articles) allow you to drive traffic to your website, but it will also allow you to distribute authentic content on your social media while increasing your visibility on search engines based on certain words – keys (this is called natural referencing).

The Blog For Search Engines

The principle is to pay for the (temporary) purchase of keywords in order to better position your site on Google. So when people search the web using the keywords you have purchased, your site is prioritized in the search results generated by Google (search engine), making it easier to find your business. What if the blog could help you overcome this dependence (having to pay) if it could offer you better positioning on search engines according to well-defined keywords, and all that, without having to pay recurring monthly fees? Interesting, isn’t it? Well, this is what a blog (with a good content strategy) can help you achieve, in the long run! By taking care to build your articles according to specific techniques, by using the keywords specific to your field, and by distributing these same articles on various platforms (social media, professional blogs, etc.), you will be able to compete with companies from your domain and to better position you in the search results when people use the keywords well targeted according to your services!

Quality Content For Your Social Media

Keeping a blog for your business will also (and above all) allow you to feed your social media with content. Indeed, each time you publish an article accompanied by photos (a quality visual is essential to generate clicks and interaction), you will communicate content that your fans or subscribers will appreciate and that, hopefully, they will share with their friends, fans, and subscribers. This is what will allow you to expose your business to a whole new audience and increase the visits generated to your website. The content of your blog will also give you a sustained presence on social media with personalized and quality content, which must meet the needs and expectations of your potential and current customers.

So how can blogging increase your leads?

Your blog is yours. This is your legal home. Unlike your Facebook page, you don’t risk seeing it disappear one fine morning. Over time, you can build a resource bank in which your prospects will come looking for answers to their questions.

Create a dynamic site with new content that can be distributed beyond your blog

By regularly posting articles on your blog, you will be able to show it to other people in other spheres. Social networks, email marketing, other blogs …

Have rich pages with your keywords that will promote the indexing of your blog by search engines

Publishing new content containing your key phrases will make you visible on search engines. The more you post, the more your prospects will discover you. Imagine that out of 100 visits; your conversion rate is only 4%. Don’t you think it’s a large return on investment with little expense?

Bring search engine traffic.

We have known for years that Google favors content that brings value. The more useful, interesting, and relevant content you publish for your readers, Google will thank you by bringing more visitors to your website and blog.

Build your leadership, demonstrate your expertise and create a climate of trust

Keeping a blog is a gesture of commitment.

Commitment to your audience. Because you show him that he matters to you, by providing answers to your audience’s problems, you build relationships of trust.

Plus, when you post regularly, you are seen as a role model in your industry or industry. Your image improves. We see you differently. You are quoted in specialized publications. We are calling on you.

This is why ambitious companies all have a blog. Why not you?

It’s a great platform to place calls to action and generate conversions.

As we have said in this article, with inbound marketing, the end of excessive promotions and harmful ads is over.

But don’t let that frighten you. You also have the option of promoting your business or forcing the reader to take action.

For example, in your article, you can put a link that suggests going to download an important resource, complementary to the article. On the other hand, you can put a call to action that encourages the reader to contact you so that you show them how to solve the problem that is plaguing them. Here you are not stifling the reader. You’re just suggesting something relevant. You offer help. It makes all the difference in the eyes of prospects.